ATLmaps site ATLas (Atlanta art scene) explores 1970s Atlanta through the memories of eight women artists and/or art administrators. 

The site is a companion to the physical exhibition Forget Me Not, organized by the Zuckerman Museum of Art at Kennesaw State University and on display from August 22-December 6, 2015. Forget Me Not features the work of ten women that explores ideas of loss, repetition, ritual and memory. Part of our inquiry extended to the loss of memory (perceived by us) surrounding the history of arts in Atlanta, and, in connection with the physical exhibition, the desire to recover the 1970s scene through the voices of its women creators, though men certainly played a part.

We began by interviewing women who were instrumental in several grassroots organizations from this decade: the Atlanta Art Workers Coalition (1976), the Women’s Art Collective (1976), the Neighborhood Arts Center (1975), the Forrest Avenue Consortium (1976, later Nexus), Art Papers (1977, began as the Atlanta Art Workers Coalition Newspaper), and Nexus Press (1977). Narrators spoke to the funding sources, activities, and places important to the arts scene. We have plotted these narratives on the ATLmaps platform; the women’s stories are framed and contextualized by maps from roughly the same era that visually divide Atlanta by race, class, and commercial interests. The map is not comprehensive but representative, rather, of what narrators remembered and considered important after forty years.

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