Hearsay, on display at the Zuckerman Museum of Art (ZMA) from July 26 to October 25, 2014, was our first project and the genesis of our collaborative work. The exhibition explored southern narrative through a series of solo projects. Each project offered alternative points of view to the historical canon, providing a window into the world of second-hand information. Not necessarily based in fact (though many are), the projects in Hearsay privileged information and perspectives that have been historically underrepresented, obscured, fictionalized, or untold.

Hearsay had two companion catalogs, John Q: Projects 2009-2013 and Excerpts. View a .pdf of the Excerpts catalog here.

The idea for the project began in conversation with idea collective John Q and Teresa in 2012. We find the work of John Q (Joey Orr, Andy Ditzler, and Wesley Chenault) fascinating–its members aim to “activate” the archives by presenting public works based on Atlanta’s queer histories. To explore the connections between public art and public history practice, Julia interviewed John Q and their sometime collaborator, E.G. Crichton (of UC Santa Cruz and the GLBT Historical Society), for the National Council on Public History blog History@Work.

The exhibition has received praise from critics; read reviews here and here. View installation photographs of the Hearsay exhibition below.


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